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TITLE:…."hidden from light"CATACOMB


Creative , innovative fresh  ideas should not be forbidden  and been kept into

the darkness  of a catacomb or into the cages  of a prison. But they should be discussed and encouraged.

Since  every time the World  achievements these came through from all these dare ideas and beliefs.

All these steps bring a new optimist Future.


a. Seven pieces  of  human beings out of bronze (height 1,80m)

b. Ten sculpture heads out of bronze

c. Six  paper mashe boxes  or steel cages

d. Ten paintings  150x100 cm as high  flags

e. flower installation (snt Callisti catacomba)

f. a team of local artists for a performance

Suggested places for the installation

1. Vatican

2. Catacomb of Snt Callisti

3.Museum of Modern Art  Maxxi in Rome

Dinner:  Maxxi Museum Restaurant

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