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TITLE:   just before the END

(environmental subject/description

INSTALLATION: at the same time in three different places in Monaco

a. Museum

1a. sculpture TREE out of bronze  (average 2m high)  which will be declared as the last One...

       and be  kept into the  Museum ,.to remind us how it was...or how it will be if we dont save  the Planet..

b. Mountain of Monaco.

1b.    Five  paintings ( 500x200cm)  with drawings of

         half trees & half humans. It will be a kind of demonstration of those TREES ..

        That they have got Souls and they are screaming out about the Planet's destruction.

c. Down the Coast,

1c. This is the 3rd & the last part

     of the installation with a team  of local artists having bare foot..

     There,they will make a wish  for a better World  by placing  paper boats ,into the water.

Suggested places for the installation:

1. Bastion Museum, Menton

2. Grimaldi Palace

3. marine/port/beach

Dinner: Country Club of Monte Carlo

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