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TITLE: “Daphne”...a dream of life time

THEME:A  fantasy story of a young girl named Daphne. She is  an only child who  suddenly  looses its parents on  fire at their house.

Daphne  stays alive and some  generous neighbours decide to take her to stay with them.

From that time she will live in her own world and she  will communicate only  through her dreams with her beloved parents.

In those dreams which some times we are not able to recognize from a dream or reality Daphne will be taught about all the important values for life that she missed to learn..

At the same time during the day she speaks to nobody but  she finds her self  to  express her secret world in painting and in poetry.

Love, responsibility, values,  justice, creativity, setting goals friendship are some of the values she

will find out in a life time of  a dream.


Suggested places of Screening;

1. Walt Disney Studio

2. Broadway

3.Paramount Sudios

Dinner: Paramaount  studios

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