Evi has written books with:

Poetry, Novels ,,Lyrics/Songs






Eros the Nude

is a book with Poetry & lithographies.

It was presented in IANOS and published by

the Guild of Writers.

The Book is at the permanent collection of

Museums, Theaters,Athens Academy.

It is sold in Athens at central bookstores of :


and in Chania : PETRAKI ILEKTRA


note: in the photos you may see Evi with finest Greek Music Composers :Christos NIKOLOPOULOS , & Giannis CHRISTODOULOPOULOS , the President of Scriptwriters' Guild of Greece Alexandros KAKAVAS & art designer Lakis GAVALAS.







is the 1st book of the trilogy Daniel's Adventures.

A night journey of the young boy Daniel

to a castle of five women . Who help him to understand

his involvement to the mythical world of Crystalls...

The book has been illustrated with images of artist's oil paintings with hundreds stones of Swarovski Crystalls and leaves of 24 K of Gold.

The Book was presented: the AVIFF CANNES FESTIVAL 2012 in Cannes/French Riviera the Municipal Gallery in Heraklion /Crete "Bassilica of Snt MARC.




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"Nights in light Blue"

is a novel book and the 2nd book of the trillogy

"Daniel's adventures".

It describes Daniel's life when he was a boy and his passion on crystals.







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"November Songs""

is 2nd Poem book with songs

written for the Composer Christos NIKOLOPOULOS.

The book is illustrated with Music composer's drawing portrait.





"My Songs for Giannis"

is 3rd Poem book with songs

written for the Composer Giannis CHRISTODOULOPOULOS.

The book is illustrated with Music composer's drawing portrait.


One of the poems has been composed by Giannis

which they presented during Cannes Festival 2016 at the Ball Room Of Carlton Hotel. At Cannes Initiative Film Festival, where the creator of her film

Black Wine of EROS ,

Evi PHOTOPOULOS was awarded.




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